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Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Hi, my name is Leyli, I’m a UK qualified Psychotherapist, and I enjoy working with Children, Adolescents, and Families. I grew up in the UAE and I studied in Scotland, so I feel that I have both the...
Clinical Psychologist
I am an Emirati Clinical Psychologist that has been practicing in the field since 2007. I have a Masters degree in Mental Health Studies from the UK and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from ...
Clinical Psychologist
I am a UK trained Clinical Psychologist, with a background in the NHS, private practice and NGOs. I work with adults with all sorts of mental health challenges. I’m a big fan of EMDR and I specialis...
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Maisa Ziadni is a clinical psychologist trained and licensed in California, USA and licensed with the Dubai Health Authority. She is bilingual, offering therapy in English and Arabic, and has over...
Clinical Psychologist
I am a US-trained clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience in treating issues such as addiction, trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression. I work with older teens and adults....
Clinical Psychologist
I am a relational psychodynamic psychologist and clinical supervisor who is grounded in integrative methods. My passions include both clinical practice and education and training. My expertise include...
Forensic Psychologist
Dr. Rebecca is a UK trained Forensic Psychologist, specialising in mental health who has worked in clinical and forensic settings across the UK, Thailand, and Dubai. She has a broad range of experienc...
Counseling Psychologist
As a Licensed Psychologist, I am privileged to join people on some of their most challenging journeys. My passion is to help children learn how to achieve their full potential and thrive. I specialize...
Clinical Psychologist
Hello, my name is Ivone, I am a Portuguese Clinical Psychologist, Western-trained, I am a specialist in trauma-related conditions for children, teens, and adults,, in addition, I can see most part of ...
Counseling Psychologist
Sara Caroppo is an Italian counselling psychologist specialising in children and young people's mental health. With a passion for supporting the emotional well-being of youth, Sara has dedicated her c...

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