Sara Caroppo

Counseling Psychologist

About Me/Bio
Sara Caroppo is an Italian counselling psychologist specialising in children and young people’s mental health. With a passion for supporting the emotional well-being of youth, Sara has dedicated her career to understanding and addressing their unique psychological needs. Since relocating to Dubai in 2018, Sara has collaborated closely with schools, educators, and parents to create comprehensive interventions tailored to the specific challenges faced by children and adolescents in this region. Fluent in both English and Italian, Sara offers therapy in both languages. Her approach is empathetic, evidence-based, and tailored to each child’s needs, fostering a safe and supportive environment around them, while empowering children to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and confidence.


Clinic Name
ClearMinds Center for Emotional Health
Clinic Address
Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Cluster M, HDS Business Center, Office 2904 - Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Email Address
Work Phone Number
Both In-Person & Online

ABOUT Sara Caroppo

Counseling Psychologist
MSc, MSc.
Licensing Authority
Types of Services
Additional Services
Years of Experience
AngerAnxietyChronic PainCodependencyDepressionDivorceDissociationsDomestic ViolenceDifficulties with Eating and FoodEmotion RegulationFamily ConflictGriefImpulse controlPanicParentingPersonality DisordersSelf EsteemSelf-HarmingSleep or InsomniaStressSuicidal IdeationTransgenderTrauma and PTSDVideo Gaming
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)Internal Family Systems (IFS)Play Therapy
Age Group
3 to 78 to 1213 to 1516 to 1819 to 21
Work Hours
Face-to- Face: Monday and Saturday. Online: Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday and Friday.
Appointment Wait Time
Less than a week from time of contact
Preferred Contact Method
Preferred Booking Method
Please contact ClearMinds

How I can help you
In addition to her work as a counselling psychologist, Sara Caroppo is a UK-Qualified Clinical Supervisor offering supervision to school counsellors, educators, social workers, and other health/mental health professionals. Drawing from her extensive experience and expertise, Sara provides a supportive and enriching environment for professionals to reflect on their practice, develop new skills, and enhance their effectiveness in supporting the well-being of children and young people.

Through her supervision sessions, Sara facilitates a collaborative learning process, encouraging supervisees to explore their clinical work, challenges, and successes in a safe and confidential space. Her approach is informed by a commitment to evidence-based practice, ethical principles, and a deep understanding of the unique dynamics involved in working with children and adolescents.

By offering supervision to a diverse range of professionals, Sara contributes to the development of a skilled and reflective workforce dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of young people in schools and communities. Her supervision services play a vital role in enhancing the quality of care and support available to children and young people in educational settings and beyond.

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