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Forensic Psychologist
I am an Australian-trained Psychologist, with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Alongside my part-time clinical work, I work full-time as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Heriot-Watt Un...
Forensic Psychologist
Dr. Rebecca is a UK trained Forensic Psychologist, specialising in mental health who has worked in clinical and forensic settings across the UK, Thailand, and Dubai. She has a broad range of experienc...
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. David is an experienced British-trained Clinical Psychologist who specialises in helping adults, adolescents (aged 12 years and upwards) and couples with a variety of issues, including chronic lif...
I am a UK-trained Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist with 28 years' experience in mental health, seeing teenagers and older. I see and assess all common and severe mental health conditions. My focu...
Clinical Psychologist
Shamma is local Clinical Psychologist, she attained her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology in United Arab University in Alain. She is exposed in handling a wide range of cases as her training to...
Counseling Psychologist
CDA licensed Psychologist, passionate about working with neurodivergent children, adolescents and adults, especially late diagnosed ADHD and Autism. I'm trained in traditional behavioral therapies by ...
I obtained my primary medical degree in 2008 and decided to pursue my career in psychiatry. I did my 3 years core training in Psychiatry in the East Midlands division of United Kingdom's psychiatry tr...
Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
I am a US-trained, doctoral-level Clinical Neuropsychologist, practicing in Dubai, UAE. My services are threefold and include assessments, psychotherapeutic interventions, and developmental support. ...
Counseling Psychologist
As a Licensed Psychologist, I am privileged to join people on some of their most challenging journeys. My passion is to help children learn how to achieve their full potential and thrive. I specialize...
I am a lifespan trained Clinical Neuropsychologist deeply immersed in the realm of neuroscience and cognitive training and rehabilitation. With an extensive background in the field, I have contributed...

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