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Clinical Psychologist
Originally trained and educated in Denmark, I migrated to the Middle East in 2019, where I have been working as a clinical psychologist since. I draw from a variety of methodologies, but my primary ap...
I'm a physiotherapist with a special interest in scar treatment. In working with scars, I've also come to address traumas and past hurts that have become held within the body. I follow where the body ...
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. David is an experienced British-trained Clinical Psychologist who specialises in helping adults, adolescents (aged 12 years and upwards) and couples with a variety of issues, including chronic lif...
Clinical Psychologist
Hello there, I’m a UK trained clinical psychologist working with individuals across the lifespan. I specialise in working with children and families and in particular with neurodiverse clients and t...
Counseling Psychologist
Individual and Couples therapist...
Clinical Psychologist
I am a UK trained Clinical Psychologist, with a background in the NHS, private practice and NGOs. I work with adults with all sorts of mental health challenges. I’m a big fan of EMDR and I specialis...
Counseling Psychologist
Hi, my name is Nadiia and I am a CDA licensed Psychologist practising in Dubai. I worked with individuals across different continents to overcome challenging times.  When working together, you can ex...
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist
I hold a Doctorate of Science in Theoretical Psychoanalysis from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Saint-Joseph Universit...
Organizational Psychologist, Psychotherapist
I am Munavvar Seyidova, a compassionate and open-minded CDA licensed psychologist with a focus on promoting positive change in each client I work with. With an ethnically Azerbaijani background and re...
I obtained my primary medical degree in 2008 and decided to pursue my career in psychiatry. I did my 3 years core training in Psychiatry in the East Midlands division of United Kingdom's psychiatry tr...

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