Rita Figueiredo

Clinical Psychologist

About Me/Bio
I’m a Portuguese clinical psychologist.
I am an empathetic and lively person passionate about people, couples and families. I work with all age groups.

If you have any questions about me or my work, please reach out!


Clinic Name
My Conscious Mind Mental Health Center
Clinic Address
1001, Al Shafar Tower 1, Barsha Heights - Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Email Address
Work Phone Number
Both In-Person & Online

ABOUT Rita Figueiredo

Clinical Psychologist
Licensing Authority
CDA, EuroPsy
Types of Services
Additional Services
Educational WorkshopsCorporate Talks
Years of Experience
AddictionAlcohol UseAngerAnxietyBody ImageChronic IllnessChronic PainCodependencyDepressionDivorceDomestic ViolenceDrug UseDual DiagnosisDifficulties with Eating and FoodEmotion RegulationFamily ConflictGamblingGriefHoardingImpulse controlInfertilityInfidelityInternet Use ProblemsLife crisisMedication ManagementMen's IssuesMood SwingsNarcissistic traitsObesityObsessions and CompulsionsPanicParentingPhobiasPregnancy, Prenatal, PostpartumRelationship IssuesSelf EsteemSelf-HarmingSexual IssuesSex AddictionSleep or InsomniaStressSubstance UseSuicidal IdeationTransgenderVideo GamingWeight
Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)Compassion FocusedDialectical (DBT)EclecticEmotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)ExistentialFamily SystemsHumanisticIntegrativeMindfulness-Based (MBCT)NarrativeSchema TherapySolution Focused Brief (SFBT)Structural Family Therapy
Age Group
8 to 1213 to 1516 to 1819 to 2122 to 6465+
Work Hours
I may accommodate evening or weekends appointments
Appointment Wait Time
Less than a week from time of contact
Preferred Contact Method
Hoopfull Contact FormMobileWhatsapp
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How I can help you
You can expect a non-judgmental and supportive environment, by research-supported techniques used in a collaborative manner – where we are scientists studying your life, committed to understanding the causes of your difficulties and what might lead to change and growth.

Life is complicated. We face challenges in our relationships, our studies, and our work lives. Challenges can also come from within, as intrusive thoughts and feelings or problematic behaviors that we struggle to stop. Therapy helps us to understand what we can do to improve our situation, and it allows us to step away from unpleasant, and unsuccessful ways of being and onto a path towards greater success and a sense of well-being.

I integrate various approaches to create tailored plans for each client. I motivate my clients to participate actively in therapy, making it possible to be brief and solution-focused. I have several tools in my therapeutic “toolbox,” and I will share these with you as the opportunity and need arise. There are many research-based techniques for reducing depression and anxiety, eliminating panic and procrastination, overcoming social phobia and developing better social skills, improving focus and productivity at work and achieving better work/life balance, reducing or eliminating drug or alcohol use, coping with diseases, facing life transitions, parenting more effectively, communicating and solving problems with one’s partner… and the list goes on!
Why I am specialized in this field
As someone who felt this improvement first-hand, I found that I wanted to be the one helping others thrive. The privilege of doing so has filled me with gratitude and guides every part of my practice.

My Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Lisboa (Portugal, 2017) equipped me to drive a clinical practice grounded in the biopsychosocial model and systemic, cognitive-behavioral therapies.

A post-graduation in Family and Couples Therapy has allowed me to better understand and work with people within their relationships, roles, and contexts. It also prepared me to work with all kinds of families.
What I say to people who feel nervous or have concerns about therapy/assessment
It’s natural to feel discomfort, anxiety or even embarrassment or shame when going to therapy – even when it’s not our first time.

“What do I say?”, “How should I start?”
Literally, whatever you want! This is your space and you can use it in any way that feels right.
Usually a first session is more exploratory. I want to know what brings you to therapy now and about you current situation in life.

“Is there any topics I should not mention?”, “She’s going to think I’m not normal”
The relationship we build is foundational to the success of therapy – with no judgment or criticism. Everything you want to bring in to therapy is valid and important.

If you are uncomfortable with anything, feel free to talk about it in therapy – we are there together to deal with it.

I would love to connect with you!


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