Priyanka Bhatia- Mahendru

Counseling Psychologist

About Me/Bio
Individual and Couples therapist


Clinic Name
Human Relations Institute and Clinics
Clinic Address
Swiss Tower- Suite 2401 Cluster Y - Jumeirah Lakes Towers
United Arab Emirates
Email Address
Work Phone Number
Both In-Person & Online

ABOUT Priyanka Bhatia- Mahendru

Counseling Psychologist
Licensing Authority
Types of Services
Years of Experience
AgingAngerAnxietyBody ImageCodependencyDepressionGriefInfertilityLife crisisPregnancy, Prenatal, PostpartumRelationship IssuesSelf EsteemSpiritualityStress
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)EclecticEmotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)Gottman MethodHumanisticInternal Family Systems (IFS)Psychodynamic
Age Group
16 to 1819 to 2122 to 6465+
Work Hours
Weekdays- 1pm to 7pm/ Saturday- 10 to 1pm
Appointment Wait Time
Less than a week from time of contact
Preferred Contact Method
Preferred Booking Method
Through Human relations Institute and Clinics

How I can help you
One of the approaches I use is Cognitive behaviour therapy, in which – I will help you become really attentive to your own thoughts, behaviours and emotions. I will help you identity the thinking and behaviour patterns that aren’t working for you–I help you then challenge, reframe them which will help you make the changes you want in your life. This is one of the approaches I use and based on what you might be needing and the goals you have- the others therapies I draw from can range from internal family system to psychoanalytical psychotherapy. With couples- I use two different kinds of couples therapy- Gottman as well as Sue Johnson’s emotionally focused therapy to help couples create change. What I hear from clients that work with me is that in sessions I create a safe space for them – where they don’t feel judged but feel heard, understood and accepted. Recently a client ended a session by saying how with each session- they experience a door opening inside them- where they learn something new about themselves each time. This door gives them hope for themselves after feeling stuck and not knowing what to do for so long. I think clients come back because we work together toward their goals they want from therapy and the client goes away with meeting not just their goals but also goes away with a deeper understanding of themselves as well as skills they are able to use in other situations of their life. They leave feeling empowered that they can create changes in their life- they also leave with a kinder compassionate internal voice- instead of the critical voice they came in with.
What I say to people who feel nervous or have concerns about therapy/assessment
You are here, that means things have been hard and you have tried to make it better in the way you know how and you feel stuck! That is understandable, all of us (yes, including me), need someone who is trained, compassionate, non- judgmental and accepting that will help us through when things get really challenging and when we do not know a way through. It is normal to feel a bit of anxiety around sharing your vulnerability with someone, take your time and find the right person who can help.

I would love to connect with you!


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