Dina Bedair

Clinical Psychologist

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Hello there, I’m a UK trained clinical psychologist working with individuals across the lifespan. I specialise in working with children and families and in particular with neurodevelopmental difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. I use international gold standard tests to assess and diagnose where appropriate. I adopt a flexible and eclectic approach to evidence based therapy and like to allow space for your own personal values to guide our work.


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Unit 203, second Floor, Building 49, Dubai Healthcare City
United Arab Emirates
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Both In-Person & Online

ABOUT Dina Bedair

Clinical Psychologist
ClinPsyD, MSc, BA
Licensing Authority
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Supervision/ConsultationTeachingTrainingEducational WorkshopsCorporate TalksMedia Interview/Writing
Years of Experience
ADHDAngerAnxietyAutismDepressionDivorceDifficulties with Eating and FoodEmotion RegulationFamily ConflictGriefImpulse controlIntellectual DisabilityLearning DisabilitiesMood SwingsObsessions and CompulsionsOppositional DefiancePanicParentingPhobiasRacial IdentityRelationship IssuesSelf EsteemSelf-HarmingSexual AbuseSleep or InsomniaSpiritualitySports PerformanceStressSuicidal IdeationTicTourettesTransgenderTrauma and PTSD
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)EclecticExposure Response PreventionFamily SystemsNarrativePlay Therapy
Age Group
0 to 23 to 78 to 1213 to 1516 to 1819 to 2122 to 6465+
Work Hours
Monday - Thursday, 8am - 1pm
Appointment Wait Time
1-2 weeks from time of contact
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Hoopfull Contact FormEmailMobileOfficeWhatsapp
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Via Vivamus Reception ([email protected] or 0585064243)

How I can help you
I like to be guided by you and what your preferences for support are. I like to include family members where possible and tend to work closely with schools. I offer evidence based therapies including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), family therapy and play therapy at our clinic. I also do school visits and am happy to consider one to one therapy and assessments at school if the school can facilitate this. I offer online sessions and tend to reserve these for parents and older children/teenagers.

When working with children/young people I offer parenting sessions, school support, as well as working directly with the young person. I like to keep parents abreast of my work and tend to send regular updates by email or over the phone. I like to approach therapy with a rough time scale in mind whereby we have agreed goals that we work towards together. I encourage that we monitor our progress as we work towards our goals so that therapy is a time limited, means to an end. The aim is to bolster your skills so that you are happy and confident to continue your journey without feeling dependent on therapy sessions for an indefinite length of time.

I can provide a host of assessments such as psychoeducational, neurodevelopmental (e.g., for autism spectrum disorder; ASD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; ADHD), intelligence/cognitive testing, school achievement, mood, and general psychological functioning. I am a firm believer in “less is more” and I tend to be conservative in my use of assessments, recommending them only where I believe that there is real benefit for your child and family.

I am comfortable working with most psychological and/or behavioural difficulties and you can find a comprehensive list of these on my Instagram account (@dr.dina_psychologist), on our Vivamus website and on the “specialisations” section of my profile on hoopfull.

I am Irish-Egyptian and a native English and Arabic speaker. I am mindful of the importance of culture, spirituality and general world view on the therapeutic relationship and like to honour these throughout my work.
Why I am specialized in this field
I have a keen interest in child development and family dynamics more broadly. I studied psychology at the American University in Cairo and went on to further my passion in the UK completing my masters and doctorate qualifications there. I feel lucky to have been able to work across Egypt, the UK, and now the UAE which affords the opportunity to explore cultural factors on mental health and the process of therapy.

I am currently the lead for the culture and diversity teaching at the University of East Anglia (UK) and major contributor to the BPS (British Psychological Society) current guidelines on Depression.

I have been working in mental health settings since 2007. My training and experience working in the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK means that I received world class mentorship, within a gold standard framework. My doctorate included 3 years of practical experience in the form of various clinical placements, alongside university teaching and a research doctoral thesis which means that I can confidently say it was a well-rounded experience!
What I say to people who feel nervous or have concerns about therapy/assessment
It is totally normal to feel a mixture of emotions about getting in touch with a therapist. Some people can feel excited, nervous, worried, relieved, uncertain . . . etc.

What I would say is that your relationship with a therapist is a very personal one. Some excellent therapists may not be right for you simply because your gut feeling tells you so. Do listen to your instincts, and also try to approach the situation with an open mind. It is a new experience after all, and we naturally tend to approach these with some form of caution.

If you do get in touch with our reception team to enquire about sessions with me, I always try my best to give you a (complimentary) call before booking an appointment so that you can at least get a “feel” for who I am. You can also ask any questions and we can agree together whether I may be a good fit for you, your child, or family.

I like to be honest, transparent and practical with the families I work with and hope that this approach helps to put you at ease.

I would love to connect with you!


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