Ava Ghasemi

Clinical Psychologist

About Me/Bio
I have been in Dubai since 2014. I studied my doctorate and masters at Adler University, Chicago, IL. I am licensed with the Dubai Health Authority and the College of Psychologist of Ontario. I work with adults from all walks of life.


Clinic Name
Mapletree Center
Clinic Address
Tameem House, Barsha Heights, unit 401
United Arab Emirates
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Both In-Person & Online

ABOUT Ava Ghasemi

Clinical Psychologist
Psy.D., C.Psych
Licensing Authority
Dubai Health Authority & College of Psychologists of Ontario
Types of Services
Additional Services
Media Interview/Writing
Years of Experience
AnxietyBody ImageDepressionEmotion RegulationGriefImpulse controlLife crisisMood SwingsPanicPregnancy, Prenatal, PostpartumRelationship IssuesSelf EsteemSexual AbuseStressSubstance UseSuicidal IdeationTrauma and PTSD
EMDRIntegrativeInternal Family Systems (IFS)Psychodynamic
Age Group
22 to 64
Work Hours
weekdays 8AM-3PM
Appointment Wait Time
1-2 weeks from time of contact
Preferred Contact Method
Hoopfull Contact FormOfficeWhatsapp
Preferred Booking Method
Call or Whatsapp Office Reception +971 50 232 8035

How I can help you
I help you understand yourself better and work toward overcoming anything that may hold you back from being and feeling your best. I believe every person deserves the best chance at emotional health and wholeness. Most people even in the best of circumstances have been dealt challenges in life that they need to work though. If left ignored in the business of daily life, the problems tend to fester like an infection and become more and more painful. If you’re reading this chances are, you’ve tried your own way of handling your emotions and behaviors and reached a place of needing some guidance. It was not just through my professional and clinical training but also through my own psychotherapy that I learned about the power of having a safe space to bring issues to. The relief and sense of agency one feels once one takes such a step can be life-changing.

In our first session we will go through your current problems and discuss the history of it including any attempts you have made to cope or solve the issues yourself. This could include anything from difficult emotions, problematic behaviors, relationship issues, work issues and so on. This will give both of us the chance to see whether we would like to work together to address the concerns you have.

If you feel comfortable enough to return for another session, I will ask you about your history more in depth including personal and family history. We might identify particular experiences and patterns which will help us better understand your current situation. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process and requires a certain level of openness and willingness to look at and think about yourself (even aspects of your life that may feel shameful and difficult to acknowledge).

Depending on your personality, you own understanding of the current problems in your life, and your experience with any past therapies we will determine a roadmap and a tentative plan on what to focus on in your treatment. By and large psychotherapy is about going on a journey within. We may not always know where it will lead but my efforts will be to help you navigate the difficult terrains as safely as possible in the service of growth.
Why I am specialized in this field
I have provided therapy for nearly two decades. I have been practicing mindfulness for about the same length of time. My approach is psychodynamic with a particular emphasis on relational and attachment issues. I am EMDR trained and IFS informed. I have also recently completed a psychedelic practitioner training with the Synthesis Institute and can help with preparation and post session integration.

I would love to connect with you!


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