Yoga camp

Back to School Yoga Camp

Are you ready to empower your child for the upcoming school year? Join us at Keyani with Dr Sandy for a transformative 5-day journey at our exciting back-to-school yoga camp, an unforgettable experience designed to empower your child for the school year ahead!

21 – 25 August
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Ages 6 – 11

This camp is designed to help children find their inner balance through mindfulness yoga sessions. They will learn to connect mind, body, and soul, promoting a sense of calm, focus, and clarity.

Unlocking their potential is our priority! Kids will be guided through engaging workshops that focus on life skills and growth mindset development. From effective communication to problem-solving techniques, they will be equipped with the tools they need to thrive academically and socially.

With a newfound sense of confidence and inner strength, your child will be ready to conquer the school year ahead. Enroll now to secure your spot and ensure your child’s personal and academic growth!

Dr. Sandy Zanella, author and creator of the award winning Happy Yogis book, is a Mindfulness Mentor, Physician and Yoga instructor who helps moms enjoy their motherhood and live a life with less stress.

Call 058 5870799 to book your spot now.

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