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Best Therapist in Dubai

    On 22 Jun, 2022

Therapists and clients are diverse

Oh, how much therapists cringe when they see a title declaring to have identified the best therapist in Dubai. These titles are so misleading and confusing.  Here is why: 

  • Just like medical doctors, therapists are a very diverse group of people with specific specializations and specific areas of interest. 
  • Equally people seeking mental health services are incredibly diverse and with specific presenting difficulties, personalities, cultural backgrounds and specific treatment needs.
  • What one person might be looking for in a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor is not the same as another person. 

Who is the right therapist for Leila?

Let’s think about an example: Leila has significant anxiety when it comes to leaving the house and doing anything that’s outside her usual routine. She often panics and might even go into a rage when she feels overwhelmed. 

What kind of therapist do you think would be best suited for Leila? You might think, any therapist who has experience with anxiety should be able to help. That is not true! 

Here are some very specific questions that can help you narrow down your search: 

  • How old is Leila? Is she a child, adolescent, adult, or older adult?

Therapists often have specific age ranges they prefer to work with and have training and experience in. A therapist who may be amazing with adults might not necessarily be a good fit for young children. 

  • What language does Leila speak? 

Therapy should ideally be in the person’s primary language or a language they are most fluent in. Is Leila French and Arabic speaking? Then a therapist who primarily works in English and has limited Arabic or French would not be a good fit for Leila. 

  • What is the root of Leila’s anxiety?

Sometimes people have already seen a health care professional before and have an idea what may be the root of their symptoms. For example, if Leila is a child with autism and gets incredibly anxious due to change and sensory overwhelm, she would need to work with a therapist who specializes in neurodiversity. If Leila is an adult who has suffered a recent traumatic event, then she needs to see a therapist who specializes in trauma. 

The best therapist in Dubai doesn’t exist

In summary, a therapist should not and cannot work with everyone. A competent therapist works within their area of practice and knows what they can and cannot help with. 

The search for the “Best Therapist in Dubai” leads nowhere. So who is the best therapist in Dubai? The answer is no one! Find the right therapist for you here.

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